Upgrades B710 / B720 / B722

4500Hz Feedback Upgrade

Enables the machine to run with 4500 Hz feedback engrave heads.

AC Motor Upgrade

Provides a better cell placement, faster cylinder setup and less cost for maintenance.

Opto PCB

For those of you with the original AC style head lifts, we offer the Opto PCB Upgrade to replace the existing hard-wired and difficult to service opto configuration.

When an opto fails on one of these original systems you would need to go through a fairly difficult and time consuming process to replace it.

With this upgrade, servicing is greatly simplified thus reducing down time should any maintenance be required.


Remote Lower Head

Provides an operator with the ability to manually lower and raise the engrave head at the carriage itself.

This reduces the time required in changing diamonds and engrave head set-up by simplifying and reducing the operator's movements.

Remote Head Lower

Head Current Cutoff

Provides an operator with the ability to easily cut power to the engrave head at the carriage itself.

This reduces the time required in changing diamonds and engrave head set-up by simplifying and reducing the operator's movements.

Auto Vacuum Cutoff

Provides relief from the constant noise generated from standard vacuum systems that remain on even when there is no cylinder in the engraver. Saves electricity and vacuum life by not running when it is not needed.

This modification automatically shuts the vacuum off whenever the cylinder stops rotating and starts it up again when rotation resumes.

Cylinder Drive Latch

When the B710 engraver was developed, OEE succeeded in creating one of the best and most reliable engravers around. However they did make one mistake.

Unlike a B720, whenever an operator wants to shut off the cylinder drive, he has to wait until the engrave head is completely up and stopped before pressing the cylinder drive button.

With this upgrade, the cylinder drive button can be pressed at the same time as the engrave button is pressed and the cylinder drive will stop automatically when the head is completely up.

Cylinder Latch

Multi-Boost Engrave Head

The standard engrave head is tuned for optimum performance at a single screen. As a result, the farther away from this screen that you engrave, the less efficient the head becomes.

OEE recognized this and even provided three separate tunes for it's high speed heads. This allowed them to have a larger range of engraving quality than they would have had otherwise.

Weber Technics has developed a 5 tune Pcard that can be adapted to most any engrave head. This modification allows the operator to speed up or slow down the response of an engraving head depending on the job being engraved.

This modification is great on the "non-feedback style" high output engrave heads. It allows these heads to remain on a given machine longer by allowing them to engrave a broader range of screens and angles.

Vacuum System

Our vacuum system provides quiet and efficient cell removal.

These units are quieter than the standard foot vacuum and can even be shut off between cylinders reducing unnecessary noise.

We offer both manual and automatic controls.


Main Drive System

To improve overall performance and quality, we have developed this Main Drive, or headstock, assembly to replace the existing units in the field. This design incorporates sealed, grease filled bearings which eliminates oil leaks and greatly reduces customer maintenance. It also provides improved cell placement through the elimination of the thrust bearing resonance associated with the original OEE design.


Remote Cylinder Rotate

Provides the operator with the ability to slowly rotate the cylinder from the carriage itself.

This reduces the stresses involved in manually rotating cylinders during inspection as well as allowing easy cylinder rotation when looking at the center or far end of a cylinder without the need to touch the cylinder itself.

Remote Cylinder Rotate

Complete System Rebuilds

B720 series Engraver Rebuild

In an effort to supply the existing customer base with the best possible support, Weber Technics now offers a complete system rebuild. This process provides extended system longevity, an easier user interface, reduced circuitry and increased overall reliability.


Older engraving systems are prone to intermittent and random failures that result in cylinder losses. These problems are the most difficult to correct because of their random nature. Frequently, these problems are the result of aging wiring as well as corroded connections and contacts. Additional sources of failures arise from the controlling circuitry of the B720 itself.

The B720 was designed to interface with a scanner and allow an operator to manipulate the scanned data in a variety of ways to achieve the desired engraved results. With the introduction of computer controlled engraving, the B720 systems have become stand alone engravers that never utilize the scanner circuitry embedded in them. This unused circuitry is also a cause of many unnecessary cylinder cutoffs.


* Utilizes current and field proven electronics.
* Replaces all wiring harnesses, cables and connections.
* Totally rebuilds the control and power cabinets each of their associated electrical panels.
* Removes unused and unnecessary circuitry.
* Reduces the number of control printed circuit boards from 13 down to 2.
* Replaces the existing control panel with a simplified and easier to use control panel.
* Increases system's potential longevity by bringing it up to the most current electronics as well as being completely rewired.
* Can be installed onsite with a minimum of disruption to production.
* A system can also be shipped to Weber Technics for repainting and mechanical rework if desired.

System Rebuilds