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Complete Factory with Cylinder Production Department.

All equipment is available and still in production

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Basic List & Info.

Ohio M820 Electronic Engraver (MDC Gravostar)

- With 'Vision 3' engraving head.

- Max engraving speed 8100 Hz.

- Built approx. 1995

Circumferences 319 - 1.525 mm,

Max. facelength 2290 mm

Max. Cylinderweight (shafted) 1.300 mm

Machine length 4750 mm

MDC (Ohio) Electronic Engraver GS 2215 HS

Built 2006,

Max Circumference 239 - 1.525 mm, max.

Max face length 2.700 mm, max.

Max engrave with 2.290 mm,

Max. cylinder weigth shafted 1.300 mm,

Engraving machine Hell K200

Built: 1964,

Engrave with. 1.700 mm,

with CPU Dätwyler DTG Switch, Monitor and Keyboard

2 pcs. Kaspar Walter Diamet Cylinder Circumference Measuring Device

MDC Polishmaster 1

MDC Polishmaster 2

MDC Finishmaster

MDC Finishmaster 2

MDC Finishstar

MDC Finishstar 2

Automatic Copperplating

Automatic Chrome Plating

Manual Copper Line

Manual Chrome Line

Lathe Machine

Mechanic Department

3 pcs. Heaford Proof Press