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NEW Weber Technics GCP

Gravure Cylinder Preparation

If you are tired of CCS

have a look to the brand new GCP software.

It is an alternative to an upgrade to Collage.

It is fast and safe.

Promotional Sales

Ask for a quote now and get a great microscope for a fair price.

Video Microscope

For daily need

The 2034 series

Made in Italy

Video Microscope

For the experts

The CX series

With X-Y movement.

Made in Italy

Video Microscope

For the experts

The CX-Z series

With X-Y movement,

and enhanced Z axis calibration,

for more precise depth measurement

Made in Italy


2016 NEW Equipment


Worldwide Service, Sales and Support for

Ohio Electronic Engraver, Prepress, Sun Computer,

Novajet Proofer and General Rotogravure Printing Equipment.

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